Monday, April 30, 2007

Selah Concert and Pure Springs International

selah270x195p-8 I recently went to a Selah concert which was just a fabulous experience. Click on this link Pure Springs International to read more about a ministry Selah has founded to bring fresh water and Bibles to the people in Congo, Africa. They will be digging wells so the people have fresh water to drink.

On this site you will read:  "Todd Smith (of Selah) grew up in Congo, Africa where his parents are still missionaries in a state called Bandundu, which is roughly the size of Texas. Bandundu has no fresh water sources, so the women and children are forced to walk a mile to a water source, fill up large tubs with unclean water, and carry them a 1/2 a mile back uphill to their village . . .  We also have committed to helping Todd's parents fulfill their goal of providing every hut in Bandundu with a Bible in their native language of Kituba. We are so very excited to be a part of something that will change so many lives."

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