Sunday, March 16, 2008

Who Do You Know?

I just love Dr. David Jeremiah's devotionals.  I get them in email every morning and wanted to share this one.


Therefore He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.
Hebrews 7:25

When we retrieve the daily mail from the mailbox, we scan the pieces looking for a handwritten envelope and a familiar name in the return address section. When we call a stranger to ask for business or a favor, we try to mention the good name of a mutual acquaintance. In the world of business and interpersonal relations, it's most often not what we know, but who we know, that counts.

And that could not be more true when it comes to knowing God. What chance would mere mortals have in connecting with God—receiving His favor or His forgiveness—if we did not know someone "on the inside"? And it turns out, we do—if we know Jesus Christ, that is. The Bible tells us that Christ came from God (John 8:42) and has returned to God (John 14:1-4) where He "lives to make intercession" for us. When Satan comes to accuse us before God (Job 1:9-11), Jesus speaks up immediately and tells the Father, "It's okay—[name] is one of ours. His sin is covered by My blood."

Do you know Jesus? Do you rely upon His standing with the Father? Do you approach the Father in His name? Who we know will make the difference for all eternity.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Pirate Daughter's Promise

fullcoverlayout I recently mentioned that my daughter is currently having her first book published. We received the full cover layout of her book cover which was very exciting!  We're hoping it will be available in a month's time or sooner.

I'll tuck the back cover text below to give you a preview. Happy 

Skylar McHenry knew the love of her parents and a doting grandfather until her sixth year was marked by the tragic loss of her mother. When her father’s secret past as a pirate came to light, father and daughter fled to a life at sea. Although Daniel McHenry’s life had changed and he now robbed pirates to return the stolen goods to their rightful owners, his ship was captured by authorities, and he was hung for piracy.

Skye grew up in an orphanage, little more than a servant and shunned by everyone around her. Now a young woman, each day Skye faces is marked by some new struggle. Her only hope has been to rely on her heavenly Father’s care and comfort and the solace of her best friend Will, who has become more than dear to her.

Just when an unexpected encounter with her grandfather gives Skye a small glimmer of hope that things might change in her favor, her world is shattered. She is awakened in the night by cannon blasts. Pirates storm the orphanage, drag her away into the night, and force her aboard their ship. The cruel captain’s intentions are clear. He will extract from her, through any means necessary, the location of the hidden treasure rewarded to Daniel by those whose belongings he had returned. For Skye to divulge the location would mean breaking the last promise she made to her father. She’s certain she never will, but what happens when the lives of those dearest to her are at stake?

The Pirate Daughter’s Promise is full of daring high seas adventure, sweet, wholesome romance, surprising discoveries, unlikely new friends, and the rewards of trusting in God even when life seems impossible.